Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 8 Predictions

What's up guys?! It's time to make my predictions on the week 8 games. I went 7-1 last week, so let's see what this weekends slate of games has for us.

#9 Arkansas @ Ole Miss
The Hogs are the best one loss team in the nation. Ole Miss? They are just trying to not look stupid out on the field. I see the Razorbacks laying a smack down on the Rebels. Woo Pig Sooie all day.
Arkansas 41 Ole Miss 13

USC @ Notre Dame
Notre Dame has come into full form lately. USC is playing very well. This game will be a back and forth type game. This game being played in South Bend makes the difference.
Notre Dame 27 USC 24

North Carolina @ #7 Clemson
Clemson is undefeated. UNC? Not so much. Many critics are just waiting for Clemson to fall. Well, it's not happening here. I'm going Clemson.
Clemson 34 North Carolina 14

Missouri @ #4 Oklahoma St.
Mizzou hasn't lived up to their pre season hype. Oklahoma St. is looking like a serious title contender. OSU is too much at home.
Oklahoma St. 41 Mizzou 20

#25 Washington @ #8 Stanford
This is a tricky game. Don't be surprised to look at the scoreboard and see Washington winning. But ultimately Andrew Luck will get the W.
Stanford 31 Washington 30

#20 Auburn @ # 1 LSU
LSU will be playing without the Honey Badger and Ware. But seriously, Who is Auburn's QB???
LSU is too dominant.
LSU 27 Auburn 13

Tennessee @ #2 Alabama
Bottom Line Tennessee is bad. Alabama is good. Alabama will get somewhere around 1878 sacks this game. Alabama wins easy.
Alabama 47 Tennessee 17

#6 Wisconsin @ #16 Michigan St.
Wisconsin is great! Russell Wilson could be the best QB in the country. Wisconsin is an elite team this year, eyeing the National Championship. With all that being said, Michigan St. will break the Wisconsin hearts. Upset City baby!
Michigan St. 34 Wisconsin 27

So....enjoy the games!

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