Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 9 predictions

Let's just jump right into it...

Baylor @ #3 Oklahoma St.
OSU is eyeing the national title. I think they get one step closer.
Oklahoma St. 52 Baylor 40

#22 Georgia @ Florida
This is a pivotal game in the SEC East. Florida just doesn't get it done for me. I like Georgia in this game.
Georgia 24 Florida 17

#11 Michigan St @ #14 Nebraska
This game is in Nebraska. Thats the game changer.
Nebraska 41 Michigan St 31

#5 Clemson @ Georgia Tech
Clemson will keep on rolling.
Clemson 41 Georgia Tech 35

#16 Texas A&M @ Mizzou
Im taking Mizzou in a mini upset.
Mizzou 31 Texas A&M 30

South Carolina @ Tennessee
South Carolina is too much.
Carolina 35 Tenn. 20

#9 OU @ #8 K State
Oklahoma will come out with pride after the Tech loss.
Oklahoma 41 Kansas St. 37

#6 Stanford @USC
Shout out to my boy Addison (He is a USC fan). USC will crush the hearts of Stanford.
USC 30 Stanford 28

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The JFish Top 25

25. Georgia Tech
24. Illinois
23. Texas
22. Arizona St.
21. Texas A&M
20. Georgia
19. Texas Tech
18. Penn St.
17. USC
16. Michigan
15. Houston
14. Virginia Tech
13. Wisconsin
12. Nebraska
11. Oklahoma
10. Michigan St.
9. Kansas St.
8. Oregon
7. Boise St.
6. Arkansas
5. Stanford
4. Clemson
3. Oklahoma St.
2. Alabama
1. LSU

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 8 Predictions

What's up guys?! It's time to make my predictions on the week 8 games. I went 7-1 last week, so let's see what this weekends slate of games has for us.

#9 Arkansas @ Ole Miss
The Hogs are the best one loss team in the nation. Ole Miss? They are just trying to not look stupid out on the field. I see the Razorbacks laying a smack down on the Rebels. Woo Pig Sooie all day.
Arkansas 41 Ole Miss 13

USC @ Notre Dame
Notre Dame has come into full form lately. USC is playing very well. This game will be a back and forth type game. This game being played in South Bend makes the difference.
Notre Dame 27 USC 24

North Carolina @ #7 Clemson
Clemson is undefeated. UNC? Not so much. Many critics are just waiting for Clemson to fall. Well, it's not happening here. I'm going Clemson.
Clemson 34 North Carolina 14

Missouri @ #4 Oklahoma St.
Mizzou hasn't lived up to their pre season hype. Oklahoma St. is looking like a serious title contender. OSU is too much at home.
Oklahoma St. 41 Mizzou 20

#25 Washington @ #8 Stanford
This is a tricky game. Don't be surprised to look at the scoreboard and see Washington winning. But ultimately Andrew Luck will get the W.
Stanford 31 Washington 30

#20 Auburn @ # 1 LSU
LSU will be playing without the Honey Badger and Ware. But seriously, Who is Auburn's QB???
LSU is too dominant.
LSU 27 Auburn 13

Tennessee @ #2 Alabama
Bottom Line Tennessee is bad. Alabama is good. Alabama will get somewhere around 1878 sacks this game. Alabama wins easy.
Alabama 47 Tennessee 17

#6 Wisconsin @ #16 Michigan St.
Wisconsin is great! Russell Wilson could be the best QB in the country. Wisconsin is an elite team this year, eyeing the National Championship. With all that being said, Michigan St. will break the Wisconsin hearts. Upset City baby!
Michigan St. 34 Wisconsin 27

So....enjoy the games!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The JFish Top 25

With the BCS coming out Sunday night, I'd like to share what i feel it should look like.

25. Baylor
24. Arizona St.
23. West Virginia
22. Texas A&M
21. Michigan
20. Georgia Tech
19. Virginia Tech
18. Texas
17. Georgia
16. Auburn
15. Michigan St.
14. Illinois
13. Nebraska
12. Houston
11. Oregon
10. Kansas St.
9. Clemson
8. Boise St.
7. Arkansas
6. Stanford
5. Wisconsin
4. Oklahoma St.
3. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
1. LSU

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 7 Predictions

Hey guys! Last week I went 5-3 in my predictions. I can do much better. So without further a do here are my picks.

#1 LSU @ Tennessee
Tennessee will be without their starting QB Tyler Bray. LSU looks to be on a mission for the National Championship. Tennessee fans will be entergized playing at home. But I still think that LSU is just too much.
LSU 34 Tenn. 17

#2 Alabama @ Ole Miss
I would love the Rebels to pull the upset! But let's be honest Ole Miss is awful. And Alabama is just unreal. Alabama wins this one with ease.
Alabama 41 Ole Miss 9

#17 Kansas State @ Texas Tech
Kansas State has been a pleasant surprise this season thus far. Tech has just been okay. The Fightin' John Huberts (Kansas State) will have a tough test on the road. I would like to pick the Raiders, but I just can't do it. Kansas State wins on the road.
K-State 31 Texas Tech 21

#18 Arizona State @ #9 Oregon
ASU is looking like a true Pac 12 contender, but Oregon has bounced back nicely after the loss to LSU. This game will be played in Oregon which makes a huge difference. I will take the Ducks in a shootout.
Oregon 56 Arizona State 51

Florida @ #24 Auburn
Florida and Auburn are both playing poorly. Both teams need to rebound. I see Auburn winning this game at home.
Auburn 20 Florida 13

#11 Michigan @ #23 Michigan St.
Denard Robinson is a freak for Michigan. Many people are talking about the Michigan Wolverines as a BCS bowl game contender. Michigan is fantastic! But, with all that being said I'm taking the Michigan St. Spartans.
Michigan St. 27 Michigan 23

#6 Oklahoma State @ #22 Texas
Texas is a good football team. But not good enough to compete for a Big 12 title. Oklahoma St. has a good shot at a National Title. I'm going Ok- State.
Oklahoma St. 45 Texas 24

#20 Baylor @ #21 Texas A&M
Kyle Field is a scary place to play. RGIII is a scary QB. This game has potential to be a classic. I am taking Baylor in a nail bitter.
Baylor 51 Texas A&M 48

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The JFish Top 25

25. Auburn
24. Florida
23. Baylor
22. Texas A&M
21. Arizona St.
20. Texas
19. West Virginia
18. Michigan St.
17. Kansas St.
16. Illinois
15. Virginia Tech
14. Nebraska
13. Georgia Tech
12. Houston
11. Oregon
10. Michigan
9. Clemson
8. Stanford
7. Arkansas
6. Boise St.
5. Wisconin
4. Oklahoma St. 
3. Alabama 
2. Oklahoma
1. LSU

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 6 Predictions

Hey guys! I went 7-1 with my picks last week! Lets see if I can go undefeated this week. So here are my picks...

Georgia @ Tennessee
Aaron Murray and Tyler Brey are both outstanding QBs. This game has all the components to be a fantastic game. Both teams are very evenly matched. I am taking the Vols at home.

Iowa St. @ #25 Baylor
Both teams are trying to bounce back from loses. But c'mon it freakin' RGIII at QB for BU. Gotta go Bears here.

Mizzou @ #20 K-State
K-State is a good team. But I have a funny feeling that they will be coming out with a Baylor game hangover. I'm taking Mizzou with the mini upset.

Ohio St. @ #14 Nebraska
Ohio St was AWFUL last week vs Michigan State. They had absolutely no offense. The Cornhuskers will play with a chip on there shoulders after lat weeks loss to Wisconsin. I expect Nebraska to have a little fun at home.

#24 Texas A&M @ Texas Tech
Lubbock, TX is a very rowdy environment to play in. Texas A&M will be dazed and confused coming into that hostile crowed in LBK. I'm taking Tech in a thriller! Upset City!

#17 Florida @ #1 LSU
LSU has an amazing defense and is extremely fast. Florida is playing without QB John Brantley. I expect LSU to steamroll the Gators.
LSU 27 Florida 9

#15 Auburn @ #10 Arkansas
I am sippin' the Arkansas kool-aid. But Auburn just finds a way to get it done. I am very hesitant on this pick, but the Razorbacks at home will get the W.

#3 Oklahoma vs. #11 Texas
Texas is just too young and inexperienced. I hope for a Texas win, but I just don't see it happening. It kills me inside to say this but, Boomer Sooner.

Enjoy this weeks slate of games guys!