Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NBA Playoffs

While the First Round is underway I'd like to give my outlook on the Playoffs and how I think things will fold out. (Sorry, I kind of cheated by getting a look at Game 1s of each series of the First Round.)

The West
First Round
#1 Spurs over #8 Grizzlies- The Spurs are a bunch of has beens but c'mon its the Grizzlies they're playing.
#4 Thunder over #5 Nuggets- Kevin Durant vs. the Star-less Nuggets
#3 Mavericks over #6 Trail Blazers- The Mavs will squeak out a way to win
#7 Hornets over #2 Lakers- Kobe Bryant is a punk! I strongly dislike the Lakers.

Second Round
#4 Thunder over #1 Spurs- The Spurs whole team is eligible for the AARP
#3 Mavericks over #7 Hornets- The Mavs are a all around solid team

Conference Finals
#4 Thunder over #3 Mavericks in 7- The Durantula gets his first NBA Finals Appearance

The East
First Round
#1 Bulls over #8 Pacers- Really? This is too easy
#4 Magic over #5 Hawks- Dwight Howard provides to much size to defend
#6 Knicks over #3 Celtics- Boston is aging. Melo and Amare get it done
#2 Heat over #7 Sixers- Lebron, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh on the same team??? I will gladly take those odds.

Second Round 
#1 Bulls over #4 Magic- I'm really liking Derrick Rose's season
#2 Heat over #6 Knicks- Hey Knicks, learn to play defense

Conference Finals
#1 Bulls over #2 Heat-I like the Bulls in the best series of the Playoffs.

NBA Finals
Chicago Bulls over Oklahoma City Thunder in 6- As much as I love the Thunder. DAAAAAA BULLS WILL BE YOUR CHAMPS!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Early look at the College Football season

With many teams starting their Spring Games I'd like to share my preseason Top 25

25. West Virginia- Hey, somebody has to win the Big LEast
24. Georgia- Coach Richt will have the Dawgs looking good
23. Arizona St.- Not much Pac 10 depth.
22. Florida- Hello Will Muschamp!
21. Mizzou- Blaine Gabbert gone, but the Mizzou defense will be dynamite
20. Notre Dame- Brian Kelly is feeling the Luck of the Irish
19. Nebraska- Im still confused on what kind of offensive team they are. Not in Love with the Huskers here.
18. South Carolina- No Stephen Garcia? No Love from me, although Clowney is a STUD.
17 Texas- No Muschamp, but I think Garrett Gilbert will rebound.
16. Ohio St.- Scandals, Scandals, Scandals, Lies, Lies, Lies! All they do is cheat.
15. TCU- How will Dalton's shoes be filled?
14. Wisconsin- Nobody is stopping this Wisconsin run game.
13. Michigan St.- Running Backs, Running Backs, Running Backs Galore.
12. Mississippi St.- Chris Relf will have them dancing in Starkville. Im lovin' the Bulldogs this year!
11. Texas A&M- Tannehill will build off his season from last year.
10. Auburn- Great recruiting class, but no Cam Newton.
9. Oklahoma St.- Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden. Enough Said.
8 Arkansas- Tyler Wilson, Knile Davis, Joe Adams. Woooooo Pig Sooie!!!
7. LSU- Fantastic Defense as usual and good recruiting.
6. Boise St.- Kellen Moore has got me feeling Blue.
5. Stanford- ANDREW LUCK!!!!!!!
4. Oregon- There Back! Darron Thomas and LaMichael James are back. Can you say SPEED?!?!?!
3. Alabama- Trent Richardson is a beast, but I do have QB questions.
2. Florida St. WOW! What a recruiting class! Expect BIG things from the 'Noles.
1. Oklahoma- As much as I hate to say it. Boomer Sooner. Too much fire power.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

MLB season predictions

As the baseball season gets under way I would like to offer some of my predictions on the season.

AL East- Red Sox
AL Central- White Sox
AL West- Rangers
Wild Card- Twins

NL East- Braves
NL Central-Reds
NL West- Rockies
Wild Card- Phillies

World Series- Red Sox over the Reds in 6

Sleepers- Astros (I know,I know I might be a little bias but the 'Stros are loaded with young talent.)
Most Overrated- Phillies (I'm really not buying into the hype, but I really think the loss of Jayson Werth will hurt them

Here's to a brand new season. Play Ball!