Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NBA Playoffs

While the First Round is underway I'd like to give my outlook on the Playoffs and how I think things will fold out. (Sorry, I kind of cheated by getting a look at Game 1s of each series of the First Round.)

The West
First Round
#1 Spurs over #8 Grizzlies- The Spurs are a bunch of has beens but c'mon its the Grizzlies they're playing.
#4 Thunder over #5 Nuggets- Kevin Durant vs. the Star-less Nuggets
#3 Mavericks over #6 Trail Blazers- The Mavs will squeak out a way to win
#7 Hornets over #2 Lakers- Kobe Bryant is a punk! I strongly dislike the Lakers.

Second Round
#4 Thunder over #1 Spurs- The Spurs whole team is eligible for the AARP
#3 Mavericks over #7 Hornets- The Mavs are a all around solid team

Conference Finals
#4 Thunder over #3 Mavericks in 7- The Durantula gets his first NBA Finals Appearance

The East
First Round
#1 Bulls over #8 Pacers- Really? This is too easy
#4 Magic over #5 Hawks- Dwight Howard provides to much size to defend
#6 Knicks over #3 Celtics- Boston is aging. Melo and Amare get it done
#2 Heat over #7 Sixers- Lebron, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh on the same team??? I will gladly take those odds.

Second Round 
#1 Bulls over #4 Magic- I'm really liking Derrick Rose's season
#2 Heat over #6 Knicks- Hey Knicks, learn to play defense

Conference Finals
#1 Bulls over #2 Heat-I like the Bulls in the best series of the Playoffs.

NBA Finals
Chicago Bulls over Oklahoma City Thunder in 6- As much as I love the Thunder. DAAAAAA BULLS WILL BE YOUR CHAMPS!

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