Thursday, June 16, 2011

My US Open predictions

The US Open is here. And with Tiger withdrawing from the field it leaves the door wide open, and it takes away my favorite going into the tourney.

American young guns Dustin Johnson and Ricky Fowler will fair very well and make a legit run at the leader board. I also feel guys like Anthony Kim can do very well. But when it comes down to it all I feel that Bubba Watson will be taking home the ultimate prize. The American 32 year old lefty is prime for a big weekend  after coming off of the last few weekends not playing so hot. I expect a huge turn around. Bubba's got the stats in his favor. He is 2nd in total Driving Distance at 310.8 yds. 3rd in total earnings for the year. 3rd in Eagles (2 under par on a hole) at a total of 81. He is 1st in Greens Hit in Regulation at 73.8%. I feel that Bubba will EXPLODE for a huge weekend. So lets sit back and watch American Golf at its finest. And hope an American can keep the US Open cup in American soil. USA USA USA!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NBA Finals

As the NBA Finals get underway between the Mavs and the Heat I look foward to some great matchups. I would like to breakdown each matchup, and give an edge to either team.

PG- Mike Bibby (Heat) vs. Jason Kidd (Mavs) -Bibby has less pressure on him because he is in the shadow of the other Super Stars on his team. All Bibby has to do is take care of the ball. Jason Kidd is expected to play a bigger role in the Mavs lineup.

SG- Dwayne Wade (Heat) vs. DeShawn Stevenson/ Jason Terry (Mavs) - Dwayne Wade is a SUPER STAR. DeShawn is a nobody who relies on his jump shot too often. Jason Terry just sits around the 3 poin arc waiting for the ball to take a 3 pointer. Wade can shoot, rebound, defend, and get to the rim at will.

SF- LeBron James (Heat) vs. Shawn Marion (Mavs) - LeBron is the best player in this series. He can knock down crucial shots. Shawn Marion is a descent player, but he plays the role of the "background singer". LeBron will wear them down.

PF- Chris Bosh (Heat) vs. Dirk Nowitzki (Mavs)- This is the best matchup of the series. Dirk is a pure shooter, while Bosh like to post you up inside. Dirks shot is just to pretty.

C- Joel Anthony (Heat) vs. Tyson Chandler (Mavs)- Joel Antony is just a fill in starter. The Heat are very weak in the Center position. Tyson Chandler is a BEAST.

Overall in the series I really like Miami's "Big 3" to get their first ring together. I see The Heat winning this series in 7.