Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness is Here

The season of March Madness is upon us. To us hardcore College Hoops fans, this is almost like a second Christmas. It is one of the most riveting, and exciting times of the year. You have the usual great basketball teams squaring off, but thrown into that you've got the "Cinderella" teams. With that being said, I would like to offer some of my thoughts on this years tournament:

The Good.
The Xavier Muskateers (24-7) are a force to be reckoned with. I would consider Tu Holloway as one of the most exciting players in all of the land. I really like them to move on vs. Marquette in the first round. I also find there matchup against the Syracuse zone favorable. Syracuse has trouble with quick Point Guards.Tu Holloway will have a field day breaking through the defense. I might be crazy but I like the Muskateers to reach the Final Four.

The Bad
The Wisconsin Badgers (23-8) have some good shooters to say the least, but they just aren't getting it done for me. They come into the "Big Dance" losing 2 strait to Ohio State and Penn State. The Buckeyes completely embarrassed the Badgers in a 93-65 beatdown. They also lost to Penn St. in the Big 10 tournament 36-33. Thats right they scored 33 points in 40 minutes of basketball. Thats just embarrassing. I expect them to get bounced out to Belmont.

The Ugly
The Villanova Wildcats (21-11) come limping into the tourney losing 5 strait and losing 10 of their last 15 ball games. This is just shameful if you are a Villanova faithful. I can somewhat understand losing to teams like UConn, Pitt, St. Johns and Notre Dame. But losing to Providence, Rutgers and South Florida? Thats just UGLY. Thankfully for the Cats they started strong enough to get an NCAA tourney bid. I see the Cats losing to George Mason early.

So fill out your bracket, grab your remote, sit back and let the MADNESS BEGIN!

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