Friday, March 25, 2011

C'mon now Zebras!

As I have been watching the NCAA Tourney I have been disappointed. The Officiating has been AWFUL!

Saturday March 19th- Butler vs. Pitt
With less than 2 seconds left Butler's Shelvin Mack fouls Pitt's Gilbert Brown. Brown steps up to the line down 1. He hits the first but misses the second. As Butler's Matt Howard snags the rebound Pitt's Nasir Robinson grabs a hold of his arm while the game was tied at 70! I just don't see how the refs can go so whistle happy at the end of the game. Im under the influence in the final seconds of a game you let the boys play.

Sunday March 20th- North Carolina vs. Washington
Washington has the ball with 5 seconds left down 3. The ball is Thrown up in the air from half court by Washington with 3 seconds left. Stupidly enough a Carolina player jumps up and tries to grab it, bouncing off of his hand at about 1.2 seconds left. But the clock continues to roll down to .5 seconds. The refs don't even think about looking at a replay, thus giving the game away to the 'Heels.

Sunday March 20th- Texas vs. Arizona
Texas has the ball up by 2 with 14 seconds left. Texas gets called for a 5 second violation. But hold on Texas coach Rick Barnes signals for a timeout at the 4 second mark left in the inbounds. The zebras don't give Texas the OBVIOUS timeout and Arizona gets the ball, converts a 3 point play and goes on to win.

Thursday march 24th- UConn vs. SD St.
After a UConn timeout a San Diego St. walks to his bench clapping due to his enthusiasm  and bumps UConn's Kemba Walker on the shoulder. Kemba Walker, being a smart player, sells it and collapses to the floor. The Aztec gets a Technical foul and the game was never the same because of a HUGE momentum switch.

The Officiating this year has been disgraceful. Get the calls right and I'm a happy fan. So C'MON NOW ZEBRAS! Get it right!

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