Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cinderella? Eh I'll Pass

Like myself, many people enjoy seeing the "Cinderella" stories at this time in March. I love it when a 4 Seed gets upset by a 13 seed. But in my opinion, I find it to be kind of annoying as the Tournament goes on. I want to see the big boys square off. I don't want to see Morehead State vs Richmond. I will pass on Wisconsin vs. Butler. I want to see the best teams in college basketball play and fight to get a win against each other. I may be in the minority here. The tournament is set up to crown a champion. But in reality more times than not, I walk away from the basketball season saying to myself "The best team in basketball wasn't awarded the trophy."
Take last year for example. Kansas and Kentucky were clearly the two best teams in the nation. Both of these teams were praised by analysts around the country. I would have loved to have seen these two battle it out for the Championship. But Kansas got beat in the Second round to Northern Iowa, and Kentucky lost to West Virginia in the Elite 8. So instead we got a good Duke team against an average, to say the least, Butler team. It ended up being a fantastic game but I walked away hungry.
It is my belief that there is a flaw in the Men's College Basketball method of crowning a champion. The winner of the Championship in my belief does not show us a Champion. It shows us who can reel off six straight wins.

Show me the Power Houses.

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