Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Final 4

What is goin' on peeps! It is the Final 4 weekend and I would like to share some of my predictions on the games.

1 Kentucky vs 4 Louisville
Louisville is an interesting team and are difficult to figure out. They don't play good defense, they aren't the most athletic team, rebounding is pitiful, and they really are an off and on team shooting the 3 ball. But they just somehow find a way to win. I honestly have no clue how they win games but they is very strange. Kentucky on the other hand does everything well and is hard to game plan for. This game will come down to Louisville making Kentucky turn the ball over. Louisville can somehow beat Kentucky tonight if they play the game of there lives. But I don't see that happening. I am taking the Wildcats.

2 Ohio State vs 2 Kansas
These 2 teams will be displaying some of the best big men in the game. Jared Sullinger and Thomas Robinson are athletic freaks. These teams are very similar in play, control the ball and feed it to the big guys inside. This game will come down to who can shoot the ball the better. Ohio St features a spot on Point Guard, Aaron Craft, who will take over this game. But with Bill Self coaching the Jayhawks I like them to win.

Enjoy the games!

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